Getting to know your community: Part 3—Recreation


Batavia playground

“The right of children to play, to sing and to dance; the right of youth to sportfor sport’s sake; the right of men and women to use leisure in the pursuit of happiness in their own way, are basic to our American heritage.” Harry Truman



Wikipedia sums it up pretty well: “Recreation is an activity of leisure, leisure being discretionary time. The need to do something for recreation is an essential element of human biology and psychology. Recreational activities are often done for enjoyment, amusement, or pleasure and are considered to be ‘fun.’ ” Every family household, community organization and even businesses, try to incorporate “fun,” or recreation, somewhere into their routine. Recreation is so important to the community that there is an organization whose sole purpose is to provide, foster and promote recreation: the Batavia Park District.



Read how the Batavia Park District has been enriching lives since 1969.









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News Briefs...

BEC plans a green night out

The Batavia Environmental Commission, the Batavia Park District, Batavia MainStreet and the City of Batavia are holding Green Fair on the Fox.

Gifting wisdom to the future

Touching the lives of young people sends messages forward.

Grandma’s beef stew

Building an investment portfolio requires a mix.

Someone you should know…

Your Neighbor!

Lawn watering regulations now in effect

Limit the use of this precious resource. Plus Batavia Bicycle Commission reminds riders to be safe; meet your neighborhood fire department members. Find it all in Currents.

Chamber shakes things up on the golf course

Don’t miss the 41st Annual Golf Classic. Sign up today

Read to the Rhythm this summer

Summer Reading Club begins June 6. Plus find out what’s going on with the Library construction.

Register for Kindergarten Preview

If you have a childe entering kindergarten in the fall, plan to attend a session.

What’s happening…

in Batavia’s business community? Read about it in Nuggets.

Construction season begins

A message from Mayor Schielke.

Visit the beach that Batavia built

The Batavia Park District has season passes to Hall Quarry Beach on sale now. Plus get a preview of the Windmill City Festival—held this year at Engstrom Park.

Life on the Fox River and Depot Pond

Get a glimpse of summer days that were an ongoing adventure.

Great perfomances close out the season

Catch the final perfomances of two great groups and get ready for a summer full of great activity in the arts.

Someone you should know

The Batavia Mothers’ Club makes Batavia an even better place to live.

Batavia Township meets many special needs

Batavia Township is committed to meeting the special needs of its residents. Read about the many ways they are there to help.

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